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Galileo Galileo (1,564 ~ 1,642) ---- Italian astronomers, , philosopher. In February,1564 15 The date had been born in Pisa, on January 8, 1642 died atPisa. Galileo family gal Advantage Lai (Galilei), his entire name is Galileo Galilei,but already Pass through calls him Galileo, but does not call him thesurname. ---- Biography Galileo in 1572 started to go to school, in 1575 movedBuddha along with the family Loran Sa takes advanced courses the Daoist temple study. In1589 is hired to teach for Pisa University's mathematics Gives. Taught 1591 to Venice's Pardoe tile University. In 1309returned to Buddha Luo Roentgen Sa, and held the post of the forest child academy ofscience 1611 academician which to Rome. In 1633 In February by "the counter- pope, publicizes evilly study" iscondemned by the Rome inquisition the end Body imprisonment. After 1638, both eyes gradually lose one'ssight, the evening scene is miserable. 1,642 The year on January 8 passed away. After more than 30 years,on November 10, 1979, catholicism The emperor can not but in the public assembly announce in1633 Galileo's judging was Unfair. In October, 1930 also proposed again examines thiscase, and in Luo group Becomes to grind including the different religious beliefworld famous scientist committee Investigates the Galileo case the beginning to end, theresearch science same religion relations, studies the gal The advantage slightly studies scientific value and its modernscientific thought contribution. The main contribution may divide the following three aspects (1) mechanics Galileo is first the scientist which introducesthe experiment mechanics, He the method which unifies using the experiment andmathematics has determined some important mechanicses Law. Around 1582, he passed through the long-time experimentalobservation and mathematics calculated, Obtained the isochronism law which suspends. After thatbecause the home economics is being difficult in 1585 Discontinues studies. Leaves Pisa University period, hethoroughly studies ancient Greek scholar Europe several In, person's and so on Archimedes work. He acts according tothe lever principle and the buoyancy original The principle has written the first topic is "Balance" paper.Soon has written the paper "Discusses Gravity", first time has promulgated the gravityand the center of gravity essence and produces True mathematical expression, therefore the reputation greatlyinspires. At the same time, in his Asia Gentleman Dude's many viewpoints propose the question. ---- In 1,589 ~ 1591, Galileo fell the body to transport actcarefully Observation. And theoretically denied from the experiment hasruled for more than thousand years in Asia gentleman Dude About "fell the body movement principle" to establishcorrectly "freely fell the body law", Namely in neglects under the air drag condition, weightdifferent ball while whereabouts Falls to the ground, the whereabouts speed has nothing to dowith with the weight. According to Galileo old age student V. The Uygur Uygur Asia Nepal's record, falls the bodyexperiment is publicly carries on in the Leaning Tower of Pisa But is clear about the bright experiment in Galileo's work isby no means is slanting in Pisa In the tower carries on. Therefore recent years this existencedispute. ---- Galileo movement basic concept, including center of gravity,speed, acceleration And so on all did has exhaustively studied and has producedthe strict mathematical expression. In particular Acceleration concept proposing, in mechanics history is amilestone. Had Canada The speed concept, in mechanics dynamics are partial canestablish in the scientific foundation Above, but in front of Galileo, only has the statics partiallyto have the quota the description. Galileo once unofficial had proposed the law of inertia (saw theNewton movement to decide The law) and under the exogenic process the object movementrule, this officially proposed for Newton The movement first, the second law has laid the foundation. Inin classical mechanics establishment, Galileo but Newton's pioneer. ---- Galileo also has proposed with joint forces the law, projectilemotion rule, and true Has set up the Galileo nature principle. ---- Galileo in mechanics aspect contribution is various. This in hisold age Writes mechanics work "about Two New Science Conversations AndMathematics Proof" Center has the detailed description. In this this immortalwork, besides dynamics, but also Has many about the materials mechanics content. For example,he elaborated about Liang The bend test and the theoretical analysis, correctly concludeLiang's anti- curved ability and the geometry Size mechanics similar relations. He pointed out, lengthsimilar cylinder Liang, 抗弯力 is rectangular and the radius cube becomes theproportion. He also has analyzed the concentrated load The simple beam, correctly points out in a big way 弯矩under the load, also with it to two pivots The distance accumulates the proportion. Galileo also theLiang curving theory uses in to practice the institute Should pay attention the question has carried on the analysis,points out the engineering structure the size not to be able Big, because they can have the destruction under own weightfunction. His root according to the facts Examines obtains, when animal physique minification, bodyintensity certainly not according to proportion Reduces. Perhaps he "a puppy may carry on the back in itcarries on the back 23 with Type size dog, but I believed perhaps a horse links with itssimilar size The horse also cannot carry on the back." (2) astronomy he is yields the massive results using the stereoscopicvision heavenly body First scientist. These achievements including discovered thelunar terrain is not concave-convex Even, Jupiter has four satellites (presently to call Galileosatellite), sun-spot sum Sun's rotation, Venus, Jupiter's and loss phenomenon as wellas the Milky Way by innumerable are permanent Star composition and so on. He used the experiment to confirmCopernicus "地动", thorough Denied has ruled for more than thousand years in Asiagentleman Dude and the request densely forces "the day to move". (3) philosophy he the life persisted does with the idealism and thechurch scholastic philosophy The struggle, advocated with the concrete experiment knew thenatural law, thought the experience is a principle By knowledge fountainhead. He did not acknowledge in the worldhas certainly the truth and grasps the truth Certainly authoritative, counter- blind superstition. Heacknowledged material objective, are many Type nature and universe infinity, these viewpoint developmentmaterialisms philosophy Has the vital significance. But as a result of the historicallimitation, he emphasized only has may Induces for the quantity characteristic material attribute isthe objective existence. Thank you the reply 67% 33% Galileo (Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642), Italian physicists,astronomer and philosopher, modern times empirical science 先驱者. In 1590, Galileo has done "two iron balls simultaneously falls to theground" the famous experiment in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, from thistime on has overthrown Aristotle "the object speed of table and theweight becomes the proportion" study, corrected this to continue longtime of 1900 wrong conclusion. In August, Tristar and in front of your fervor Olympic Games medalwinner's secretly A LG handset Yuan grabs the moment to take a picture thesplendid handset sports event all to capture In 1309, after Galileo formulated the tracking telescope (tobe called the galileo telescope), and used for to observe the heavenlybody, he had discovered lunar terrain uneven, and has personally drawnup the first selenograph. On January 7, 1610, Galileo had discoveredJupiter's four satellites, studied for Copernicus had found theconclusive evidence, symbolized Copernicus studied starts to march tothe victory. With the aid of to the telescope, Galileo successivelyhad also discovered the saturn's ring, the sun-spot, sun's rotation,Venus and Mercury's and loss phenomenon, Moon's Sunday and ZhouYuetian 平动, as well as the Milky Way is composed by theinnumerable stars and so on. These discoveries opened the astronomynew times. Galileo is having "Interspace Messenger", "about Sun-spotCorrespondence", "Forces Gui And Copernicus Two Big Universal systemsSpeech about Request" and "about Two New Science Conversations AndMathematics Proof". For commemorate Galileo's merit, the people the wooden health one, thewooden health two, 木卫三 and the wooden health four name as theGalileo satellite. The people struggled the praise "Columbus to discover the newcontinent, Galileo has discovered the new universe". Galileo (1,564 ~ 1,642) on February 15, 1564 had been born northeastItaly's Pisa city, the father profuse qin uneven Austria gals benefitsLai to be skilled in the music theory harmony, is having "MusicSpeech" a book. In 1574 entire family moved to east Italian the bigcity Florence. Galileo received father's influence since childhood,the music, the poetry, the drawing as well as the mechanical interestis extremely thick; Also likes his father to be same, unsuperstitiousauthority. When 17 years old obeys the obeying the father life toenter the Pisa University study medicine, but the medicine he feelsdull, but extracurricularly is listening to the family 世交,renowned scholar O Ritchie to speak the Euclid geometry and theGalileo statics, feels the strong interest. Afterwards became thegreat physicist, the astronomer, the scientific revolution pioneer,was the humanity changes one of world big scientists, on January 8,1642 died of illness, died at the age of 78 years old. Galileo is the great Italian physicists and the astronomer, thescientific revolution pioneer. Has made the epoch-making contributionin the humanity ideological liberation and in the civilizeddevelopment process. Under then social condition, for did not strivefor the academic freedom which suppressed the power and influence andthe old tradition, for the modern science growth, he has waged therelentless struggle, and has made the sound to the world whichenlightened the benighted. Therefore, he is the scientific revolutionpioneer, in the history he first has achieved mastery through acomprehensive study of a subject at in the scientific experimentfoundation mathematics, the physics and the astronomy three knowledge,the expansion, deepens and changed the humanity motion of matter andthe universe understanding. In order to confirm and disseminated N,Copernicus's date heart, Galileo has offered up the lifetime energy.From this, his old age suffers the church persecution, and by lifelongimprisonment. He overthrew take the system experiment and theobservation by Asia in gentleman Dude as the representative, haspurely been the speculation tradition natural view, founds take hastested the fact as to act according to and to have the strict logicalsystem the modern science. Therefore, he is called "father of themodern science". His work, is I. Newton's theory system establishmenthas laid the foundation. Although his old age has been finallydeprived the personal freedom, but he founds the new science the willto vacillate by no means. His pursue scientific truth spirit and theachievement, forever admire for the descendant.